Talk to Me Kindly

We, the people! All people! Without division, without segregation, together, we want to live in an open, tolerant world based on mutual respect. We have such right! We do not accept: hate speech, contempt speech, humiliation or exclusion, bullying or staffing, manipulation and propaganda. The language we use creates our world, so Talk to Me Kindly.

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Social campaign
Talk to Me Kindly

About the Campaign

„Talk to me kindly” is a grassroots social campaign having informational, educational and scientific character. The major goal of the campaign is to perform various promotional activities towards more open and tolerant attitude based on mutual respect. In contemporary language, words such as „kind”, „polite” or „good” commonly refer to children and women and are mainly associated with the attitude of being obedient, servile, passive, or submissive. In this campaign, we are returning to the original meaning conveyed by these terms. By introducing the concept, we want to attract the attention and evoke deeper reflection of the audience over the question: „Politely, means how?”. We put efforts to provide the answer according to the etymology of the following expressions: „to the point”, „politely” and „appropriately to the situation.”

Campaign objectives


To promote an assertive communication model, free from aggression and violence in society, based on human rights.


To introduce an attitude which is open to diversity, based on showing mutual understanding and respect for others and ourselves.


To recognize possible causes and consequences of non-assertive communication and effectiveness of alternative forms of communication.

How we work?

  • "The umbrella"

    We promote not only the results of our own studies, but also outcomes obtained by other researchers who are interested in the field of communication.

  • "Bridges"

    Everyone may contribute to the campaign as much as they want. If you have an opportunity to make films, create graphics or drawings, we would like to invite you to join us. Together we will create something great.

  • "Projects"

    The campaign is directed to everyone, functioning in different life spheres including: home and family, educational, professional, political, mainstream media, the Internet. Various people use different languages. We create teams to work on projects so that everyone operates in the area that is closest to them.

The campaign is unlimited concerning the time period and everyone is invited to contribute in the process of creating it with no divisions.

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Our team involves:

dr Agata Jastrzębowska

as the campaign originator and social psychologist, Kozminski University

Tomasz Majewski

as psychologist, co-founder and owner of NVC Solutions

dr Małgorzata Godlewska

as a social psychologist, social skills trainer, assistant professor at the SWPS University

Jacek Purski

as the President of Social Security Institute, sociologist

Izabela Śliwińska

as the President of Common Backstreet Association, psychologist

Maciej Frasunkiewicz

as a youth psychologist

Anna Kamińska

as a social psychologist, social skills trainer, promotion and marketing leader

If you express love in such a way that it influences your supposed opponent, then he must respond with love [...] This requires much more courage than striking punches.
Mahatma Gandhi

Indian lawyer, philosopher, politician and statesman

The experience of living among distant Others for years, teaches [...] that only kindness manifested to other human being is the attitude that can touch the string of humanity in him/her.
Ryszard Kapuściński

Polish reporter, columnist, poet and photographer, known as the "emperor of reportage".

When people start talking about what they need instead of pointing out each other's mistakes, then it is much easier to meet the needs of all concerned.
Marshall B. Rosenberg

American psychologist, mediator, author and teacher

Code of Kindly Communication

Talk to me kindly, so how?


Get to the point

– remain clear about your needs and expectations


Be respectful

– for yourself, but also for others


About yourself

– say what you feel and what the facts are instead of criticizing and judging others



– think about how your words may be perceived by others


Tune in with your feelings

– they will be the first to tell you about unsatisfied needs


With acceptance and tolerance

– for others who have the right to differ from you and to feel and think differently from you


You have the right to freedom of speech

– but the limit of this freedom is the dignity of the other person, and we must not cross this limit

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